01 • Testing

We send you a DNA test kit when you order a product. It is a simple cheek swab DNA collection process and the kit includes a return envelope for you to send your sample securely back to our partner laboratory, NorthGene. 


02 • Profiling

The DNA profiling is carried out by NorthGene, a UK accredited laboratory. They run your sample through their DNA profiling technology which reads a small part of your unique genetic code. The results can identify you from the other 7.4 billion people on earth and also show how you relate to family members.


03 • Designing 

We receive the raw data from your DNA profile which is then run through our software - translating the numerical values into a repeated colour visual - your unique iDNA personalized design.


04 • Making

Your iDNA personalised design is then sent to one of our manufacturing partners. The print, scarves and rugs are all made in the UK, as we believe in keeping things local.