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You share 99.9% of your genetic code with every other human on earth. This leaves just 0.1% of your genes which make you.. you. 

Dot One analyses part of this 0.1% to create prints and textiles personalised to you on a molecular level.


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1 in 7.4 Billion

DNA Testing

DNA testing can be used to personalise all kinds of services; From diet & fitness programs to precision medicine. At Dot One we are using genetics to create DNA personalised design and fashion pieces.

Using an algorithm we translate your raw genetic data into colour, creating a design 100% unique to you and visually shows how you differ from others.


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We have released a brand new range of personalized products powered by Helix!

They not only visualize your unique identity but give you an insight into some of your different genetic physical traits...

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By harnessing the innovation in science and technology, and combining it with British Craft we are opening up a new form of personalisation to the public. We also believe in keeping things local so our products are all designed and manufactured in the UK.