Dot One is registered with the ICO and works in partnership with NorthGene - a UK based accredited laboratory providing DNA identity testing services. 

Read NorthGene's Privacy Statement here


As part of the Dot One DNA test kit, we ask our customers to sign a consent form with the following agreement: 

  • I agree for a DNA profiling test to be undertaken and fully give me consent to the collection of a mouth swab.

  • I certify that the swab used to collect my sample has been labelled with my name and date of birth.

  • I understand that my consent may be withdrawn at any time by notifying Dot One or it’s testing laboratory, NorthGene, in writing.

  • I indemnify and hold Dot One and NorthGene Ltd harmless against any loss or damage, direct or indirect, for either the results or for any action arising or taken by any person in receipt of the information, howsoever caused and accept NorthGene’s terms and conditions which are available at and form part of this contract.

If a sample is to be taken from an individual under the age of 16 an adult with parental responsibility MUST sign on behalf of the child. NorthGene will request evidence of parental responsibility if the child’s mother does not sign on their behalf. By signing on behalf of a minor I understand that I am making a legal declaration and stating that I have the lawful right to do so.

I hereby authorise NorthGene, on behalf of myself and any other persons I’m signing for, to conduct the test using my sample and provide the results to Dot One.

I agree for Dot One to pass on information to 3rd party manufacturers for the sole purpose of creating the physical DNA personalised products.


Dot One receives an electronic copy of the DNA profile from NorthGene which it uses for the sole purpose of creating the DNA personalised products. As Dot One creates physical products, it is necessary to pass a design file with DNA profile information to a 3rd party (Printspace Studios Ltd) for the manufacturing process. You can read their Privacy Policy here. 

The digital files are safely secured on Printspace Studios' Microsoft Azur software which will ensure privacy and security. They are deleted from the system on a weekly basis.

Dot One destroys the customer's DNA profile data 6 months after shipping the product. All products are sent Tracked and Signed For via The Royal Mail.

If you have any further questions please email us: