Effective from June 2017



The purpose of Dot One’s Products are to use your Genetic Information to create a DNA personalised design which is visually applied to a product. In addition, it provides you with insights into some of your genetically determined traits.


The Product/s

“Products” refer to Dot One’s DNA Personalised Print and a DNA Personalised Scarf, which both come with a results card and illustrated guide to genetics.

Dot One uses a proprietary algorithm analysing 33 different markers to design its Products. The genetic markers are related to a series of physical and behavioural traits — such as likeliness of certain hair and eye colour and taste preferences. Insights into the results are represented in the form of a results card, and the raw genetic data is visualised as a colourful graphic which used to design the aesthetic of the Product itself.


Information used for the Product

Dot One’s Products will only use the Genetic Information we’ve described in this Product Consent.

To use Dot One’s Products, you must let Helix share portions of your Genetic Information with Dot One. Helix will share the only portions that we need to create your Dot One Product.

As Dot One creates physical products, you will be requested to provide Account Information, such as your shipping and email addresses, allowing us to deliver your product.


Benefits, Risks & Limitations

Dot One’s Products are for entertainment purposes, providing you with a product which visually expresses your unique identity as well as giving you some insights into your genetic makeup. Dot One does not analyse any health information and the results cannot be used to diagnostic purposes.

Dot One may need to share details about you with regulators and law enforcement. These details may include your Genetic Information. We will only share these details if we are compelled by law to do so. When we are allowed to do so, we will let you know when we must share your information.

Dot One’s product looks at markers, some of which have primarily been studied in European populations. As such, results for customers from other backgrounds may not be as accurate.

Your DNA cannot tell you everything about yourself. Some traits are due to a mix of your DNA and other factors. These factors could include your lifestyle, your environment, or chance.

Genetics is a field that is evolving quickly. Scientists are always discovering new details about how to interpret DNA data. They are also learning that some previous discoveries are not valid. Dot One’s product is based on the current state of knowledge. As our knowledge improves, the insights Dot One’s product gives you may change.

Under GINA (a US law), you do not need to share your Genetic Information with your employer or your health insurer. Even so, you may be asked to share your Genetic Information with other insurers. These others could include life, long-term care, and disability insurance firms. You should always be careful with whom you choose to share your Genetic Information.

Dot One creates physical products, making it is necessary to pass a design file with your Genetic Information to a 3rd party, Printspace Studios Ltd, for the manufacturing process. The digital files are safely secured on Printspace Studios' software and are deleted from their system on a weekly basis.