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Do I need a DNA test to get a Dot One product?

Yes - you will need a DNA test to get a Dot One product. All products come with an at-home DNA kit . If you have already been tested by Helix or 23andMe then you can use this exisiting data.

How do I collect my DNA sample?

Dot One's at-home test uses a cheek swab which is quick and painless - you can follow the sample taking instructions -here-. The kit comes with a pre-stamped return mailer which can be put straight in a post box.

How long does it take?

We allow 7 days for for the DNA analysis and the product lead times range between 48 hours and 3 weeks. Please check the individual product pages to get the specific production times.

Can I track my shipped product?

For any product over Β£100 we send via Royal Mail's Tracked service, for products under Β£100 we send via Royal Mail 1st Class.

Can I return my product?

As all of Dot One's product are personalised and made to order we cannot offer full refunds or exchanges once the product has been sent into production. We can offer partial refunds at different stages of the service, please see our -terms of service- for full details.

Your Data

Which genes do Dot One analyse

Dot One analyses genetic markers associated with physical and behavoiral traits such as eye colour, sweet tooth preference and deep sleep ability. Dot One does NOT analyses any data pertaining to disease or health risks.

Does Dot One sell or share my data?

No - Dot One does not sell any personal data or share it with 3rd parties except with our production partners who manufacture the products. For full details please read our -Terms of Service-.

Is there any medical information included in the product?

No, the DNA results card and book are for entertainment purposes only.

Because of the sensitivity of genetic data, we take security very seriously and our systems and processes have been through rigorous security audits. If you have any specific queries or concerns then please email us at and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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